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Perfect Puff Rice In Instant Pot

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Muli ke patto ki sabji |mooli ke patton ki sabji |मूली के पत्तों की सब्जी कैसे बनाएं | Radish Leaves

  Ingredients  Radish Leaves Fennel seeds Cumin seeds One tsp of turmeric powder One tsp of red chilly powder One spoon chopped garlic One tsp of asafoetida One Potato One spoon of oil, Instruction Heat one spoon of oil in a pan. When oil is warm, add one tsp of cumin and one tsp of fennel seeds cook till becomes golden brown. Now add one tsp of asafetida and one spoon of finely chopped garlic. Mix well and saute for a few seconds until the raw aroma of garlic goes away. Now add chopped potato and salt according to your taste and one tsp of turmeric and chilly powder. Mix them well and saute them for 2mintures. On the potato, spread chopped, radish leaves and cover them with a lid, and let them cook for  4 to 5 minutes. Once  it is a little cooked, add one step of garam masala and it is ready to serve.   Tasty Mooli sabzi is ready to eat with rice or Roti.


  Ingredients Urad dal Fennel seeds Asofaitea  Salt according to taste Ajwain/carom Seeds oil chili flakes Instruction  Soak one cup of Urad dal for 7-8 hours. Grind Urad dal lightly Add one cup of wheat flour, one spoon of oil, one spoon of fennel seeds, one spoon of carom seeds, one tsp of Asofaitea and salt according to your taste, one spoon of chili flakes. Now make a dough. Put a pan on medium heat add some oil to fry the puri. Roll small puri and fry them till they become golden brown.     

Black pepper tea

  Black Pepper Tea is very famous among Indian people. It has medicinal value that helps to avoid seasonal cold & cough and also very light than milk Tea. Black paper tea also boosts immunity and leads a healthy life. Ingredients  Water one cup Honey one tsp, Black pepper 3-4 seeds Instructions  Put a pan on medium heat, add a cup of water. When water gets to boiling warm, add 1/2 tsp tea leaf. Any regular tea is fine, I used Red Label Tea. lightly ground 3-4 black pepper and add it to tea. Boil on a high flame for 1or 2 minutes and done. It's ready to drink. Use a strainer and transfer in a cup and add a little honey or sugar as per your taste.  TIP - If you have never had this kind of tea before, just start lightly. Use a small amount of tea and black pepper and enjoy. Once you are familiar with the taste, these quantities may be increased to match your taste.  Try It... Please comment which way you liked it.... mild or strong?

How to make matar pulao in instant pot

Matar Pulao is very famous and easy, tasty, and perfect for a picnic. My kids love Pulao in their lunch boxes. Ingredients 2 cups of basmati rice 21/2 spoons of ghee 21/2 cups of water 1/2 cups of green Matar medium size half onion 10-15 cashews salt according to your taste one tsp garam masala, one bay leaf, one black cardamom, one green cardamom, one star, one tsp jeera, small cinnamon stick, 10-12 black pepper Instruction Put the instant pot on saute mode and add two spoons of ghee or clarified butter and when ghee gets hot add all cashews to roast them until it gets golden brown then take it out. Now it's time to make tadka, first, add onion and let it golden brown then add one bay leaf, one black cardamom, one green cardamom, one star, one tsp jeera, a small cinnamon stick, 10-12 black pepper, and green chilly according to your taste. Cook for a minute.  It's time to add ginger & garlic paste, cook them for a minute then add one spoon of water and close the instant

Immunity Boosting Superfood That Helps You Against Covid-19

This is Harira , it is a superfood that helps to boost immunity. This is very famous in north India and usually given to women after the delivery of a baby in order to get recover fast. We usually eat this at night time and mostly in winter because this will heat your body that helps you to get rid of cold and tiredness.  Ingredient 2 cups of milk 2 spoons of Ghee 30 gm cashew  30gm almonds 20gm dry coconut, 20 gm makhana  30gm walnut  10 gm poppy seeds 2 dates 20gm gud/jaggery one teaspoon dry ginger 2 cloves, 1 cardamom. Instruction   Heat a pan and add 2 spoons of ghee now dry all dry fruits cashew, almond, dry coconut, walnut at last makhana. Now in the same pan put ghee if less, then add a little more Add 2 clove and one tablespoon of poppy seeds 1 cardamom, jaggery, some dates, all fried dry fruits, and milk. let cook everything till it gets to a boil. cook in 2-3 minutes more and now it is ready to serve 

Sprout Mung Daal Spinach Curry

Mung beans sprout Sprouts are seeds that have germinated and become small leafy plants. They are rich in nutrition. We have also known the mung bean as the green gram. In this recipe, I shock  Mung bean for 7-8 hours a daytime and  in the evening I put them in a strainer and  Cover them with a damp cloth, and left them overnight, which germinates a very tiny sprout. When you grow a mung sprout for 1 or 2 days, a sprout will be very tiny, My kids like tiny sprouts than long sprouts, so I am making this recipe with tiny sprouted mung beans.   Ingredients 100 gm sprouted mung beans 100 gm Spinach one teaspoon jeera /cumin seeds one teaspoon Sauf/ fennel seeds pinch of Hing  One teaspoon turmeric powder  One teaspoon Green Chilly chopped One teaspoon coriander seeds or powder 6-8 Curry leaf One teaspoon ginger & garlic paste  one teaspoon garam masala Middle Size onion chopped Two middle size tomatoes chopped one teaspoon  lemon   Salt According to your taste One spoon of oil for tadka