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Mava Gujiya Recipe in Air Fryer

How to make mawa Gujiya in Air Fryer

Gujiya is a very famous Indian sweet. People specially make Gujiya on a big Hindu festival like Holi & Diwali. It is basically a sweet dumpling filled with dry, sweet ingredients.

The traditional way of making gujiya is a little difficult, and it has a long process, but here I have tried with the air fryer to make it a little easier. I hope you like the recipe. If you try it, please comment on how it came out.


1.One cup of all-purpose flour
2.Some Ghee/Clarified butter or oil
3 Half cup of Suji or Semolina
4 Half cup of sugar
5 Half cup of Mawa/Khoa
6 Half cup of designated coconut
7 Half cup mix fry fruits
8 One smallest spoon of cardamom powder


1.Take the all-purpose flour and mix it with three spoons of ghee. After mixing the ghee and flour, add a negligible amount of water at a time and make a tight dough. The amount of water depends on the texture of the flour you take. We have to make a dough that is tighter than Roti dough. When the dough gets ready, cover it with a damp cloth and let it rest for 15 minutes.  

2. In this step we will make stuffing for dumplings, for that, we will roast some ingredients on slow flame.

A-Heat the pan and roast Suji or semolina till the time it gets a little brown, then transfers them into a big bowl.
B- On the same pan, roast the dry fruits for 1 minute and let them cool down. 

C- On the same pan, add a teaspoon of ghee and cook the Mawa until it gets light brown. Now let cool down everything completely.

3 When dry fruits cool down, grind them a little so that it makes a powder.

4 Mix all the ingredients and start making a small puri of dough.

5 Fill all the puri with the mixture by using gujiya frame or do it with your hand. For that, take some water in a small bowl, fill the small puri with a mixture on one side and cover it with another side. Use water to seal the gujiya.

6 When you are ready with all the dumplings, place them in the Air fryer, put some ghee on them, and fry them for 5 minutes on 350 heat. Then flip it, put some more ghee on them, and bake it for another 5 minutes.

Now the tasty gujiya is ready.


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