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Sprout Mung Daal Spinach Curry

Mung beans sprout

Sprouts are seeds that have germinated and become small leafy plants. They are rich in nutrition. We have also known the mung bean as the green gram.

In this recipe, I shock Mung bean for 7-8 hours a daytime and in the evening I put them in a strainer and Cover them with a damp cloth, and left them overnight, which germinates a very tiny sprout. When you grow a mung sprout for 1 or 2 days, a sprout will be very tiny, My kids like tiny sprouts than long sprouts, so I am making this recipe with tiny sprouted mung beans. 


100 gm sprouted mung beans
100 gm Spinach
one teaspoon jeera /cumin seeds
one teaspoon Sauf/ fennel seeds
pinch of Hing 
One teaspoon turmeric powder 
One teaspoon Green Chilly chopped
One teaspoon coriander seeds or powder
6-8 Curry leaf
One teaspoon ginger & garlic paste 
one teaspoon garam masala
Middle Size onion chopped
Two middle size tomatoes chopped
one teaspoon lemon 
Salt According to your taste
One spoon of oil for tadka

  • In the morning I Wash Mung beans nicely, then sock them for 6-8 hours.
  • In the evening, I put Mung beans in a strainer and cover them with a damp cloth overnight. The next day In the afternoon Mung beans were little sprouted. My kids like tiny sprouts more than long sprouts. Sometimes kids don't like long sprouts, so try one or two days of sprouts. 
  • In an instant pot put one cup of water, washed & Chopped spinach, sprouted Mung beans, turmeric powder, and salt, pressure cook them for 3 minutes, and let it open itself.
  • Now put a pan on gas, add one spoon of oil, when oil gets heated, add Cummin seeds, Fennel seeds, coriander seeds when they little brown add chopped onion and ginger-garlic paste. Cook everything till it gets brown. Add some water garam masala & turmeric powder and Hing. Cook everything well. Now add tomatoes and cook them well too.
  • It's time to add boiled Daal and cook it for another 4-5 minutes, and you can add more warm water and salt at this point according to your need.
  •  Add some lemon and the Sprouted Mung spinach curry is ready to serve.


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