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Immunity Boosting Superfood That Helps You Against Covid-19

This is Harira, it is a superfood that helps to boost immunity. This is very famous in north India and usually given to women after the delivery of a baby in order to get recover fast.

We usually eat this at night time and mostly in winter because this will heat your body that helps you to get rid of cold and tiredness. 


2 cups of milk
2 spoons of Ghee
30 gm cashew 
30gm almonds
20gm dry coconut,
20 gm makhana 
30gm walnut 
10 gm poppy seeds
2 dates
20gm gud/jaggery
one teaspoon dry ginger
2 cloves,
1 cardamom.


  • Heat a pan and add 2 spoons of ghee now dry all dry fruits cashew, almond, dry coconut, walnut at last makhana.
  • Now in the same pan put ghee if less, then add a little more
  • Add 2 clove and one tablespoon of poppy seeds
  • 1 cardamom, jaggery, some dates, all fried dry fruits, and milk.
  • let cook everything till it gets to a boil.
  • cook in 2-3 minutes more and now it is ready to serve 


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